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Travel Journal 2016 Week 27: Mount Vernon 

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July 4, 2016: Fourth of July (Mount Vernon, WA) Still recovering from the previous day’s food hangover I woke up lacking energy. My brother and his wife came into town late in the day and I joined them at Panda Express. Next we went to Best Buy where I got a new phone case. I also learned that pricing matching is real and super easy with a smart phone. Traditionally, we go to my aunt’s house on the fourth and this year was no different. However, we only stayed for…read more

Travel Journal 2016 Week 22: Scotland to Norway

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June 5, 2016: Maelstrom (?Reine, Norway) An interesting history, the Lofoten islands were once taken over by the nazis and liberated by the allies. Upon liberation the stocks of fish oil collected by the nazis were destroyed. I was able to kayak here and saw the fish hanging on the shore line. A reminder of the long history of fishing in the islands. In amongst the islands we saw rock formations reminiscent of half dome in Yosemite. Later in the day we went to a keyhole canyon in the ship. It…read more

Travel Journal 2016 Week 26: Florida to Washington

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Soaring high on the winds of freedom. Happy #4thofJuly! Great photo, @aidanpeairs #FourthofJuly #planespotting #dreamliner #787 #UnitedAirlines #aviation #✈ A post shared by United (@united) on Jul 4, 2016 at 8:17am PDT June 27, 2016: The Heat of California (Miami, FL ✈️ Houston, TX ✈️ Los Angeles, CA ? Bakersfield, CA) A story one of my Antarctica friends told me this weekend has stuck with me. On a rough flight into Ft Lauderdale he thought “Oh no I’m gonna die in Ft Lauderdale, it isn’t even somewhere exotic.” I just…read more

Travel Journal 2016 Week 25: Antarctic Dreaming

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June 26, 2016: Driving…(Key West, FL ? Miami, Fl) Our day started at a little cafe called Sarabeths. We talked and bonded over the delicious breakfast and coffee then went over to jump on a boat. A few of us had not done parasailing so the group went out on the boat for another round. My fear kept me from trying round two, but the boat ride was fantastic. Being on the water is the way to experience Florida.  Sadly we had to part as half of us needed to…read more


Travel Journal 2016 Week 23: Arctic Dreaming

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In Svalbard bears outnumber people, lucky for me they know to stay on the other side of this sign! A post shared by Amanda Z (@a2ztraveladdict) on Jun 13, 2016 at 1:46am PDT June 12, 2016: Polar Bear Warnings(?Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Norway) The end of a trip is always bittersweet. After fourteen days together my trip on the Ocean Nova ended in Longyearbyen. Never one for goodbyes I waved and hugged a few special people then jumped on the bus. I was excited to see this town only 1311 km from…read more

Travel Journal 2016 Week 24: Longyearbyen to London

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June 19, 2016: Sunday Roast (London, UK) The most amazing part of my travels have been the phenomenal individuals I’ve met. Day in and day out I am in awe of the truly spectacular people I call my friends. To go across the world and never feel like a stranger gives me a sense of satisfaction I cannot even describe. Tomorrow I set off to Florida for a reunion with friends I met in Antarctica, today I’m having drinks with friends I’ve made in Africa. After catching up with friends…read more