Travel Journal 2016 Week 27: Mount Vernon 

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July 4, 2016: Fourth of July

(Mount Vernon, WA)

Still recovering from the previous day’s food hangover I woke up lacking energy. My brother and his wife came into town late in the day and I joined them at Panda Express. Next we went to Best Buy where I got a new phone case. I also learned that pricing matching is real and super easy with a smart phone.

Traditionally, we go to my aunt’s house on the fourth and this year was no different. However, we only stayed for dinner before heading back home. I think we were all still worn out from the July 3rd festivities!

July 5, 2016: Emergency Svcs

(Mount Vernon, WA)

My dad encouraged me to get up early so we could go sign up for a CPR/First Aid class taking place over the weekend. We went to the 911 center and I found out we were actually completing his Tuesday morning responsibilities. About three hours later we left and headed back to the house.

For months I have had allergies, my eye has been twitching for weeks, and finally I went to the allergist. As always I ramble about every strange feeling I’ve had for the last five years and the doctor tries to sift through everything to decide what is relevant. This Dr decided I needed an inhaler. When I went to pick it up at the pharmacy they wanted $320 for it! I said I would wait and just continue to not breathe. 

July 6, 2016: Balancing Sunshine

(Mount Vernon, WA)

I spent the morning catching up on emails and took a short walk near the lake before heading to Seattle for an appointment. It was a beautiful sunshine filled day and the world beckoned. I found it hard to stay on track as I just wanted to drive forever into the middle of nowhere. On the way back to my car I stopped at a shop and saw a simple necklace I liked. It has a small heart dangling from a black chain. It helps me to remember to love myself, I added a triangle to represent balance. A constant reminder to not let others needs go before my own. 

Good morning from the elk viewing field in Skagit Valley. Have a wonderful LONG weekend! Photo Credit @leana.cain

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July 7, 2016: Center of the Universe 

(Mount Vernon, WA)

Dad insisted I go with him to the Children’s fair in Concrete. He was going there with a friend to tell the kids about HAM radio. I went. It was a drizzly day and for some reason about noon I was starving. The Lions Club had a BBQ and I proceeded to ask if I could buy a hot dog, though they weren’t quite open. They gave me a hotdog but said it was donation only. At the same time another person walked by and scolded their friend who was about to get one “That is for the children!” I took my hot dog and Cheetos and guiltily ate them. We talked to a few kids and one even came by and woke me from my afternoon nap, she said she wanted to be the first woman to the moon. Pretty cool goal for an eight year old.

July 8, 2016: You’ll never find anyone better

(Mount Vernon, WA)

I have been in desperate need to straighten out my taxes. When I approached a lender he informed me my taxes were in a dreadful state. Each time I would meet with my preparer there would be a different story. So I decided to meet with him in the morning and a new tax guy in the afternoon.

During the morning with my current guy I was straight forward with him about the deficiencies I saw. He bacame angry and said he was resigning in two weeks anyway and I could go find a new tax person. “But,” he warned, “you will never find anyone as good as me.” This guy is the same one whose escalating accidents had me concerned. First he had fingers bandaged, then in splints, finally a few months ago he wore a belt around his chest and arm like a make shift sling. It was all very strange.

In the afternoon I met with the new tax guy. He was very informative and knowledgeable. I have confidence he will be better and more reliable. On the other hand I suspect he will also be harder to get a hold of and more expensive. We shall see as 2016 comes to a close which tax accountant is really better. The other good news is that I don’t have to close my business and can keep it open even if I don’t have income for a while! 

July 9, 2016: CPR

(Mount Vernon, WA)

I satisfied my father and went to First Aid/CPR training at the local 911 center. The class was informative and presented in a conversational style. The older I get the more I get squeamish at even descriptions of people getting hurt. I can’t imagine I’d be good in a situation where someone needed CPR or First Aid, but knowledge is powerful. If I didn’t know I could find myself not doing the right things, even if I was squeamish. Now I have the knowledge to help someone with basic first aid and CPR, so that squeamish or not Icould potentially help someone.

Dad agreed to take the family to Indian food if I finished the class. So we went to the only option in town. I inhaled the Chicken Tikka Masala and Poppadoms. The food was everything I had been craving. Yum!

July 10, 2016: Mountains and Valleys

(Mt Vernon, WA ? Coeur D’Alene, ID)

Driving to Idaho is something I’m sure I’ve done before but have no recollection of. I was excited to see the Cascades and all the trees. As per Washington the mountains were covered in clouds, the trees barely visible around us. As we climbed my ears popped and when we descended they popped again. The entire time the dog stared at my father, looking up in a thoughtful way. When we headed out of the mountains I took over. Driving through the rolling hills we came to gorges and lakes and continue on. 

When we arrived to Coeur D’Alene to drop off my great aunt. Before saying goodbye we let her choose dinner. She had heard good things about a little buffet called Golden Corral. We started driving back and got to Moses Lake. I found my stomach angry at my poor food decisions over the day (except the popcorn, that was delicious).