What I’ve been doing wrong on my Seattle vacations

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Seattle is a dynamic and energizing city. It has a plethora of different neighborhoods and flavors that can appeal to a varying group of tourists. Did I know this from the half a dozen times I’ve visited the city? Or possibly from the three or four times I have showed friends around the city? Nope! I know this from my most recent visit to Seattle where I finally was able to find my niche and some amazing qualities of the city I never knew existed.

The fantastic Capitol Hill area

A friend suggested staying in the Capitol Hill area when we met up in Seattle last week.  I popped the destination into Hotwire and scored a great hotel called Silver Cloud Hotel Broadway The hotel is on the edge of the trendy and restaurant filled Capitol Hill area. The hotel offered $25 parking in their private lot and I found it incredibly convenient and simple to park there. They also offer a shuttle that will take you down to the popular downtown attractions. It also was more reasonably priced than similar Seattle hotels I’ve booked closer to Pioneer Square, Space Needle, and Pike’s Place.

When I arrived I wandered only a block away to the simple sandwich shop Meat and Bread. Their menu is simple and features a few well thought out sandwiches and several soups. It also offers $1.50 beers (Rainer). I chose a sandwich with pork, pickles, and honey mustard. The meat was high quality, but I made a huge mess trying to eat it as a sandwich so finally conceded to using a fork and knife. Afterwards I took a short walk back to the hotel and a dip in their hot tub.

Canon is the perfect place for Posh Cocktails in Seattle

My friend arrived around dinner time and we decided to follow the recommendations from fellow blogger Adventure of an Empty Nester’s Suzanne (adventuresofemptynesters.com). We went over to Canon for cocktails and appetizers. I was surprised to find their drink menu was better than most restaurant’s dinner menu and their prohibition style décor is fantastic. We both asked several questions about the cocktails and enjoyed seeing the creations as they were served to other patrons. I do wish we had sat at the bar and watched the preparation of the drinks more closely as each drink turned out to have so much personality.

Banksy Sour (ginger-lemon-tea scotch, becherovka, fresh citrus, meringue, peychaud’s bitters)

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The drinks we ordered suited our individual pallets and the waitress was amazing at describing the drinks and helping us choose. My friend was adamant the Banksy Sour was one of the best drinks he ever had. The waitress also suggested the Marrow appetizer to snack on. A bold choice, we were excited to try something so different. It reminded me a lot of escargot, the marrow is served in bone. Paired with a buttery toasted crostini the salty and garlicy marrow was delicious. The waitress suggested doing a ‘luge’ where you pour a shot down the center of the bone into your mouth to get all the remaining flavors. We sadly were not that much fun to give it a try.

Our next adventure was a nice fifteen minute walk down to Machiavelli’s. We both ordered different versions of the tortellini. Though satisfying, the pasta and sauce were not unique. The great thing about the walk there and back were how many fun bars and shops littered the area. We also found just two blocks from the hotel Royal Cupcakes. I’d seen these on the news so was excited to happen upon them. The buttercream frosting was delicious and their chocolate cupcakes were moist and flavorful.

The next day we walked towards downtown and came upon the Seattle Roastery. A great place for a tourist to stop because it differs from the traditional Starbucks we all know, and maybe love too much. They have specialty coffees here you don’t see in the other Starbucks menus and you can watch the Roasting process. At this location they do the roasting for all their premium coffees. It also features the restaurant Serious Pizza. We had a light pizza here with egg and arugula that was great for brunch. Any coffee from Starbucks can also be ordered in the restaurant, so it was a convenient place to stop for a moment and enjoy the fancier versions of our favorite Starbucks drinks.

EMP Museum did not fail to impress

Next up we hopped on the monorail (cash only) to the EMP Museum. This pop culture museum is a place I never put high up on my list to see and only chose because I had done the other touristy spots. I am so angry at myself for not visiting this sooner!

Found this poor little guy at the EMP Museum. #gremlins #empmuseum #seattle #visitseattle #travel #gizmo

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It is a gem of a museum, unique, quirky, fun, perfect for the nerds and music lovers. From Star Trek memorabilia to a hall of guitars to recording your own music, this museum never failed to disappoint. There are few museums I have ever been to that had me so engaged. I wanted to sit and watch every video, I wanted to see everything in each exhibit. The 1-2 hours recommended to stroll about the museum I would extend to 3.

After exploring this museum I think a perfect day out in Seattle could be: Science Center in the morning, EMP Museum in the afternoon, and dinner at the Space Needle.

In this quick overnight trip I found a new appreciation for Seattle. I am excited to see that there is a great neighborhood away from the construction and industrial feel of 1st Ave. Next time I show friends around I will certainly change my game plan and ensure we are well situated near Capitol Hill with a mandatory visit to the EMP Museum.