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Can Traveling with Dementia still be Transformative?

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As a seasoned traveler I hoped to help my mother heal and experience transformative travel despite her illness    I took a few deep breaths after I loaded my mother into the car for an overnight road trip. The quick trip south with my wheelchair bound 67-year-old bipolar, Hydrocephalus (NPH), and Dementia prone mother had been my idea.  A proponent of transformative and healing travel I knew my mother needed some healing, she needed to see outside of the walls of the retirement center. At the same time, I worried…read more

What I’ve been doing wrong on my Seattle vacations

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Seattle is a dynamic and energizing city. It has a plethora of different neighborhoods and flavors that can appeal to a varying group of tourists. Did I know this from the half a dozen times I’ve visited the city? Or possibly from the three or four times I have showed friends around the city? Nope! I know this from my most recent visit to Seattle where I finally was able to find my niche and some amazing qualities of the city I never knew existed. The fantastic Capitol Hill area…read more