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Las Vegas Destination and Travel Guide


Erotic Museum


Hoover Dam

Machine Guns

Marquee Nightclub at Cosmo

MGM Grand

“O” Cirque de Soleil

Springs Preserve

Tao (at Venetian)


Tao (at Venetian)

Valley of Fire

Viva las Arepas


Bodies Exhibit


Cirque de Soleil Beatles Love


Indoor Smoking

Lake Mead

Marilyn’s Cafe

Neon Museum


Top 5 things I HOPE you know before you go:

  1. Vegas isn’t just for Bachelor Parties anymore. Certainly that atmosphere is available, but you can totally make it into a family vacation.
  2. Vegas, especially on strip, is very expensive. A $15 drink is not unheard of. If you are a sexy female and going with other sexy females you can use social media to connect with promoters. They may ask for a pic of your group, but you can get bottle service and free entry if you talk to the right ones.
  3. If you are drinking and partying, don’t get a car. Taxis are everywhere and distances on the strip are not far. If you are a family, I would get a car. There are great deals slightly off strip, the parking is easy if you want to visit the strip, and there are some great day trips you can take.
  4. Drunk people are everywhere.
  5. It is in the middle of the desert. It is about 5 hours+ drive to another big city.

Details on Things to Do

Beatles Love (Cirque de Soleil): No matter which Cirque de Soleil show you see you will love it. I love the Beatles. The shop and bar in front of this is amazing, and if you love the Beatles certainly go to this. I think there are more amazing acrobatics and artistry in some of the other Cirque de Soleil, if you aren’t a ginormous Beatles fan I would choose one of those.

Bodies Exhibit: I saw this when it first came to Vegas and really appreciated the educational qualities of the exhibit. The current exhibit at the Luxor I did not find to have the same impact as the original exhibit.

Buffets: There are amazing restaurants in Vegas, the food at the buffet and the cost is not worth it to me. I say forget the buffets and invest in some high quality dining or unique experiences.

Erotic Museum: Yes, I am recommending this. They have Eva Braun’s underwear on display, quirky, ya?! This museum is actually quite interesting if you are open minded enough to see the exhibits. Also, there are a lot of displays that help to educate people about sex.

Gambling: It is everywhere, and a few bucks here and there can be fun. Personally I don’t schedule into my trips times for gambling.  Now if you want a ‘free’ drink you can put in a few bucks and play, after a period of time a waitress will grab a drink for you on the house.

Hofbrauhaus: Do you like Germany? Do you want to get spanked with a paddle? Do you want a place that is almost a show with your dinner? This is your place. Order a shot and a Fraulein will spank you with a paddle. They also have traditional German music and food.

Hoover Dam: Driving across the dam is very cool. I don’t know if you can still go as far into the dam as you used, which is disappointing. If you are heading to Arizona this is the route to take.

Indoor Smoking: Many places still allow indoor smoking. If you have allergies, like me, this is a big downside to walking inside some of the casinos.

Lake Mead: This is one of the driest places I have ever been. We opened hot dog buns five minutes before eating. When I grabbed one it was completely dried out. There are lots of places I would recommend before I would recommend this lake.

Machine GunMachine Guns: On a family trip my dad and I were searching for things to do. We decided to go ahead and try the machine gun experience. It was very pricey (I believe about $150 each). We got to shoot several different kinds of guns, were able to take pictures, and had a great time.

Marilyn’s Café: For some reason this in TripAdvisor’s list of top 150 restaurants in Vegas. It is basically a Denny’s and the staff was not polite. There was nothing special I saw in this place, but I keep accidentally going here because it is convenient and has good reviews.

Marquee Nightclub at Cosmopolitan: This is my favorite club in Vegas. The Cosmopolitan Hotel just exudes a posh attitude. The Nightclub has a few floors so you can get different experiences or get away from big crowds if needed. Unfortunately in between the areas are stairs, and lots of them. Tough when you are a chick in heels.

MGM Grand:  I love this hotel, I don’t know why, maybe because it is where I first saw Paul McCartney, I don’t know. If you are watching a show here I definitely recommend it. The hotel is right on a tram stop and obviously on the strip. Also, they do a lot of the UFC or other major events there. I ran into a whole group of UFC fighters once when I was there (if I watched UFC I would name drop here).

Neon MuseumNeon Museum: We went here but did not pay the crazy high admission fee. We could see quite a bit through the fence. It has been featured on several TV shows. You have to arrive at the right time to start the tour and they are very strict on how much time you spend in the yards.

“O” Cirque de Soleil: This show's theme is water. The entire show is spectacular. I have seen it twice and was absolutely enthralled the entire time.

SouthPoint: I stopped in at SouthPoint during the Rodeo. One benefit is they have animal boarding. There wasn’t anything else special I saw there, many off strip casinos off similar activities (bowling, movie theatre, etc).

Springs Preserve: I only visited this recently, it was so great. I wouldn’t go for the gardens, but the museum is wonderful. They has some really interesting and interactive exhibits. One impressive one was on flash flooding and has you stand in a room while water rages around you.

Tao (at Venetian): Classy restaurant with a little flare of fun. Get the fortune cookie desert.

Venetian: You must walk around inside the Venetian. It is a Disneyland like experience to see the daylight or dusk there.

The WaveValley of Fire: This is a perfect day trip out of Vegas. It has the wave rock formation you always see in pictures. There are many hikes and even petroglyphs. This is the desert though, so remember to bring water!

Viva las Arepas: Great food, and good prices. This unique little South American eatery is just a short drive from the strip.


 10526003_10202409018252418_5895517905592558090_nArticle by A2Z. She lived about five hours from Vegas and has been many times over the years on family and social trips. Unfortunately as with many Vegas visitors, she did not have too many pics she could share :) After all, it is Vegas.