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Are you a Travel Addict?

It is morning. And I am… where again? Before I open my eyes, I realize I have NO idea where I am. None! Where did I sleep last night? Zimbabwe? Seattle? Dubai? Do I fly out today? Do I work today? Am I alone?

I have experienced this feeling many times. I don’t equate it with early dementia but with being a self-described travel addict. Years ago I joked I would love to live in a different city every month, and now I am doing it.

Several years ago I gave up my home and took a rotational job. Perks are six months off per year. While many rush home, I rush to the next country on my endless list. I continuously say I am ready to settle down, but new destinations seem to continuously pop up. I don’t see an end in sight. Are you the same? If these seven traits describe you might be.



  1. You miss places you haven’t been to

You talk about places you want to go like crushes you are obsessed with. You barrage your friends with constant thoughts and questions about your next destination. It is a longing, you miss those places you have never seen or experienced. Daydreaming like Walter Mitty until someone throws a paperclip at your head.


  1. You don’t miss home

Many people around day 10 of the holiday start missing home. Sometimes they cannot even enjoy the vacation anymore. They can also start to be overwhelmed with FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). If you are an addict you don’t have FOMO for those parties at home because you have constant FOMO. You know no matter where you are, you are missing out on something, somewhere.


  1. Everyone is your friend

No more of the ‘who will ask about getting a picture taken’ game. You probably ask so frequently you are particular about who you will give the privilege to (choose people with nice cameras and that won’t run away with yours). You have become very comfortable talking to people in lines, on buses, on the street, and pretty much anywhere.


  1. You no longer care that you live out of a suitcase

You think frequently about how much things weigh and if it will fit in your suitcase. No more buying bulky items, they won’t fit! You don’t need much and have become very good about making due with the essentials. It is no longer an inconvenience to live out of a suitcase it is a means of end to live your dreams.


  1. You are content to follow the wind

You love the idea of not knowing what tomorrow holds, but confident that it is going to be amazing. Obstacles become adventures. Your plans are more like suggestions that you may or may not take.  Rarely disappointed you find the beauty in the way things work out.


  1. You don’t see traveling as risky

A riot here or bombing there is not even a blip on your radar. None of us like these stories, but you know life is risky. Not traveling, life! You don’t dictate your future by living in fear. On occasion you may be frightened and you deal with it. You don’t say no to an experience because of an irrational fear.



  1. Traveling has transformed you

Who were you before you traveled? Can you even remember? You think about your previous naiveté and are in awe of how far you have come.  There are no words to describe the things you have seen. The small changes in you that happen in each trip, with each new city, with each new person. You learn, you grow, you live life to the fullest and love every moment of it. And no one can take that from you.